The Privacy Policy of Click2k describes to the users, details such as what information we collect from our users, how it is collected, how it is used or shared with others. On this page, hereafter, “we” “us” “our” refer to Click2k Commerce India Private Limited and its associated websites, applications, etc., and “you” “your” refer to the users who sign up with Click2k.


We collect the following type of information:

Contact Information

We collect information from you such as name, email address, store name, phone number, etc. which you willingly provide. We also collect your profile information and any other information you add to your profile.


We collect the images, reviews, videos, etc. you post on our website in your own interest which we may use for our marketing purposes or to improve our product and services.

Payment Information

We collect the information of the credit or debit cards you have added to your profile while processing payments which includes your name, card details, billing address, transaction amount, and payment history.

Marketing information

We collect data such as your preference of communication about our products, services, events, etc. and how you respond to them, and the information you provide when you participate in any of them.

Other Information

We may collect other information such as your device details (mobile or computer), browser name, browser version, operating system, IP, the time you spend on a page, navigation pages, browser type, your activity on our page, etc. We may also collect your information through our business partners, social platforms, data providers, etc.


We may collect some type of data automatically from cookies and other similar technologies to improve your experience and to provide better services for you. You can refuse the cookies if you want but you may not be able to access some portions of the website without accepting cookies

Information you provide

Information you provide while sending a referral, gift card, etc. will allow us to have the data of the person involved like name, email, etc.

We may collect all or any data mentioned here along with any necessary data that we might not have specified here. However, we only do it to improve our user experience and come up with the best personalized services for you.


Betterment of Services

We use your data to improve our products and services, understand your needs and requirements better, enable better features of your interest, monitor the usage of our services, respond to your queries quickly, and increase user security using email, phone number, etc.

Marketing & Advertising

We and our advertising partners may use the information we collected from you for our digital marketing and advertising purposes, like text messages, SMS notifications, and other such marketing communications as opted by you.

Compliance & Safety

We may use your collected information to protect and comply with the laws concerning us and to protect the safety of everyone and prevent fraudulent cases as well.

We may use your data for other purposes that we may not have mentioned in the privacy policy at the moment.


We may retain your personal data for as long as is needed for the purposes mentioned in our policies. We may use the information to comply with the law or our policies and resolve any disputes. We may also retain your usage data as long as needed for purposes mentioned in our policies like analysis, marketing, and betterment of our services.


We may transfer your information to locations other than your registered place in the case where the laws and legal procedures differ from that of your location. We may share your information with our affiliates, service providers, advertising partners, third-party platforms, other users, etc. to let them assess and improve the services to suit your needs. We only share information that we consider is beneficial for us and our users both. We do not share any sensitive information without notifying you about it. However, we may have to share such info with the law and concerned authorities upon infringement of any legal terms.


We may have advertisements of third parties on our platform that are not necessarily our affiliates. If you get redirected to their website through ours, all the actions you perform there will be subject to their terms and conditions and privacy policy. We do not have any control over that. We suggest you go through their terms before providing any personal information of yours.

We may disclose the following information to third parties:

User information provided by you such as name, email address, phone number, etc.

Information we collect as mentioned above in the policy such as location, device type, etc.

We provide this information only to ensure you have a personalized experience in our services


Our website is not intended to be used by children of age under 18 years. If you find out that any information has been disclosed by your child, please bring it to our notice. contact us


We value your privacy and security concerns. But you have to remember that no information transferee via internet now a days in entirely secure. We strive our best to protect your personal and sensitive data, but we cannot assure it with 100% guarantee.


We may change or edit this privacy policy with or without intimating you about it. All the modifications will be effective from the day it is posted on the website. We may notify you about the changes, but we suggest you visit our policies page now and then.


In case of any queries regarding our privacy policy, contact us here.