Cancellation & Refunds

Welcome to the cancellation policy of Click2K Commerce India Private Limited. In this policy ‘you’ ‘your’ refers to the clients or users registering on Click2K and ‘we’ ‘us’ ‘our’ refers to Click2K and the organization on whole.


All our clients are allowed to cancel their subscription anytime if they are not satisfied with our services or for any other reasons. We do not ask for any prior notice. You are free to cancel anytime you want and you’ll have the access to the services till the end of your plan for the amount you paid.


For all the subscriptions there will be no refunds issued after 36 hours of successful payment. Note that we reserve the right to reject the refund request if we detect extremely high activity on your account within this time.


Once you cancel the subscription, your current plan (monthly or yearly) will end after the end of your subscription period and you get to use the services for the amount paid till the plan ends. The plan will not be auto-renewed after the subscription period in case of cancellation.


If you want to upgrade to a new plan, you can buy the new plan and upgrade to it. However, the upgraded plan will be in effect after the current plan ends i.e., after the subscription period of the current plan is ended. Current plan will not be auto-renewed in that case. Instead, the new plan you picked come into effect.


We are entitled to upgrade our cancellation policy any time with or without any prior notice to our users. We suggest you to keep checking our policies for the updated information.


In case of any queries regarding cancellations or the policies, feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you out.