Why Your Business Needs a Custom Domain: 4 reasons

Have you ever wondered why it costs extra to get your custom domain name for your website ? If you have and have done a little research about it, you know by now that the reason is that custom domains increase your brand recognition and credibility. Basically, you’re paying extra to be seen by your potential customers. Here, let us know more about custom domains, their importance, and how you can get them for free for your business.    What is a Custom Domain? A custom domain is nothing but a unique name for the website or brand. For example, if you own a business called XYZ foods, xyzfoods.com can be the custom domain name for your business. It doesn’t have any subdomain or name that is not associated with your brand. Custom domains are also known as vanity URLs and they appear on the top of every page of the website when you open them. Now that you know what a custom domain is, let’s dive into its benefits. Scroll to know more!   
  • Ownership 
Custom domain names give you authority and ownership of your business. You don’t want a customer who comes to visit your site to wonder if it’s entirely under your control and management. A custom domain can easily grab better attention from your customers. A custom domain can easily make a positive impact on your customers that you take your business seriously.  
  • Trust 
With the increasing number of online scams every day, it’s a no-brainer that a new name creates a sense of insecurity among the users. Establishing trust is really hard with an unknown URL. Particularly with new businesses, you have to gain trust twice to gain loyal customers - one with your brand name and one with the subdomain you use. That is a lot of pressure on your side. Custom domains have an edge for the same reason. 
  • Branding 
Custom domain name increases your brand credibility and visibility. It gives the customers an idea that you’re consistently going to improve the business and that it’s going to last. Creating ads and campaigns is much effective with custom domains and can easily convert your visitors into clients.  
  • SEO 
Discovery is definitely better with custom domains as compared to generic ones. It improves your website’s search engine rankings. A custom domain name with your brand name is definitely considered more relevant than one associated with other extensions. When you run campaigns, the more you run, the more discoverable your brand becomes. 

  How to Get Custom Domain for Your Business for Free?

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