How to Take Your Store Online in 4 Quick Steps

This is the best time to take your offline store online. Considering the covid scenario in the country, online businesses are quite in demand right now. It's not just an option but a beneficial move to shift your business online now. Here are 4 simple things to understand to take your offline store online.                                         

   1. Find a Platform 

First of all, you have to decide where you are going to sell your products. There are quite a few options. You can create your own website from scratch – designing themes, features, and everything. This involves huge amounts of money, time and most importantly, skilled web designers, hosting services, etc. All of this is going to cost you quite a bit of money and after all that, you still can’t be sure if the site will turn out perfectly functional. If you want to skip all this hassle, you can simply set your shop on one of the ready platforms like Click2k. Here is How you can create a store on Click2k in few simple steps. 

   2. Add-ons 

Once you are done creating store all you have to do is select themes to suit your business and add pages to let your customer know about your company or to let them contact you. You can include your policies and any additional information you want the customers to see. Some examples of pages are – About page, Contact page, Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy, etc. Mention all your terms clearly so that you don’t have to deal with any kind of complications later in time. 

   3. Upload your products 

Once the store is created, next thing to do is list all your products with relevant details. You need product titles, images of products, description, and everything that you want your customer to know in order to but the product. Mention details like sizes, colors, material, etc. Add instructions, special notes and anything that concerns the product.   

   4. Packaging, 
Shipping and delivery
Plan ahead how you are going handle the shipping and delivery. Tie up with a delivery partner and know about the rates to all the regions you are going to ship. Procure packaging materials of different kinds depending on the types of products you sell. Once you’ve done the above things, give your customer a clear idea of what you are going to charge for shipping. It’s better to have standard shipping charges sitewide to avoid any confusion to your customers. Also, keep your return, exchange and shipping policies ready. 

   5. Payments 

And the next and the most important step is payments. How are you going to receive the payments for your orders? For this you have to enable payment gateways. You can add any payment gateways that are widely used. But the issue is that in order to integrate a payment gateway, you have to go through a lot of process that includes approvals and can often get messy. But with Click2k, you can skip all the mess because we have integrated the payment gateways for the stores in advance. Now you can relax and focus on your orders. 


POS abbreviated as ‘point of sale’ is where the customer pays for the items and taxes from which the bills can be printed. For those with both offline and online stores, POS helps you keep track of all the orders, inventory and payments in one place. Getting POS for your store additionally will cost you quite some amount. But with Click2k, we offer free POS and payment terminals for all our clients. No hassle of down payments and monthly rent. Get it for free along with your subscription. This is it. Once your store is live, share your store link on multiple social media platforms and do the marketing. In Click2k, we offer inbuilt SEO features which not only improve your google search rankings but also allow you to have an overview of site visits and customer analytics. You can have everything on your client dashboard.  Create your own online store with Click2k in less than 5 minutes. We have everything ready for you, just a single click and your store will be live! Get started by signing up with us!