How to Improve Sales During Christmas and New Year

It is that time of the year when the shopaholics go crazy buying stuff, they didn’t even know they needed. You ask why? ‘Cause, with Christmas and New Year around the corner, people mentally prepare themselves to shop tons of clothes, gifts, goodies and new-somethings. If e-commerce stores aren’t the luckiest ones during this festive season, we don’t know who are.  
With Covid and the laziness acquired from it, most people are preferring to shop online now more than ever. It’s not even about the laziness anymore, it’s just how we are accustomed and used to online shopping now. Can’t blame anyone here, online shopping is super convenient and cheaper as compared to in-store shopping. On top of it, the options are endless. You can browse different sites to find out the one that suits your requirement the best. If you are an online store, we know how you feel right now. You are all set on your toes to make the most of the season and that’s actually how it should be. We’re here to tell you how you can do it in a better and a more strategic way. Read till the end to find out how! 

How to Boost Sales This Festive Season: 5 Things to Start Planning Now 

Below are some insights on how you can improve sales during Christmas and New Year and make the best out of the festive season. Check out these 5 steps that will help you boost your business this season! 
  • Spruce UYour Banners and Home Page 
Make your home page, banners, cover pages of social media handles all in the theme of Christmas. You can even do that to your app icons, logo images too. This is one of the easiest ways to get your customers attracted. Christmas themes are super cute, colorful and striking too. They can easily grab attention and set up the festive vibe for your customers to proceed with purchases.  
  • Upgrade Your SEO Game 
You know by now that SEO plays a huge role in marketing and advertising. Use trending and relevant keywords and hashtags to drive traffic and sales. Since we’re talking about Christmas and New Year, you can use keywords like “Christmas offers” “Christmas gifts” “New Year Sale” and so on. Include such keywords and descriptions in your social media ads, website descriptions, social media handles, etc. This will improve your search results and hence better reach to your potential customers. 
  • Stock Up on Your Inventory if Needed 
Another important thing you need to keep in mind is Inventory management. Forecast beforehand and stock up on inventory ‘cause there are chances that your products get completely sold out. You don’t want that. What you want is to make the most of this sale season. So, do your calculations and keep your stock ready.  
  • Provide Offers and Discounts 
Second half of December is officially the “SHOPPING SEASON.” Almost all brands and websites offer crazy discounts and deals on the products during this time. Needless to say, you should do that too. Affordability is always the key driving force when it comes to sales. This is why buyers barely think twice to purchase when there’s sale. Cash on that. Provide combo offers, flash sales, discounts, etc. and sell out your stock. Provide special offers on gift cards as this season is all about gifting. Start planning the whole thing right now! 
  • Don’t Ignore E-mail and SMS Marketing 
Even if you have a 70% OFF sale going on in your website, how will your users and customers know it? This is why you need to focus on e-mail and SMS marketing. Send e-mails, text SMS and notifications to inform them of the offers and keep reminding them. Use your most attractive deals as the cover of your campaigns and notify them to your customers. The primary goal is to keep them in the know about the amazing discounts you are offering. Use creative taglines, captions or even conduct contests to enhance customer engagement.  
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