Click2k – Get Your Own Online Store Ready in a Single Click

If there’s anything lockdown has taught us all, it’s unity and the power of online businesses. With the situation of the vicious pandemic going on, online is the only way for people to get their needs and necessities. This is the right time for all the businesses to build and expand their businesses online. With that notion, we have come up with Click2 - a platform that allows to you create your online store within 5 minutes.  
Whether you are already an existing online vendor or someone who’s totally new to the online sphere, we got you covered. With Click2k creating a store is as easy as making a cup of coffee or even easier. All we require is your name, store name and email address. You can create your own store in a blink and start selling your products or services online. 

How to Get Started? 
You can get started simply by signing up with us. Fill your name, email address and store name in the sign-up page. You can choose your existing domain or get a new custom domain. After selecting the domain name, wait for us to check the domain availability and approve your domain and your store is ready within 5 minutes.  

How Much Do We Charge? 
We have very affordable plans – static, store and mega store. Check out different features of the pricing plans, Choose any of the three business plans and complete the payment. You’ll be directed to the client dashboard where you can select theme for your store and get your business started.  

Which businesses can be registered on Click2k? 
Fairly speaking, any business that already exists or new, online or offline, anything can be registered online on click2k. You do not need an existing website or domain; we give it for you. Whether you are already selling on other online platforms or you’re new to online business world, Click2k is perfect for both. You don’t need any technical knowledge or coding skills to create a store. We take care of everything. You can create your online store with a single click in less than 5 minutes. Any kind of businesses – educational, medical, boutiques, home businesses, restaurants, foods, e-commerce, delivery, repairs, rentals, subscriptions, video selling, and basically any product or service. You can set up your business online and attract customers from everywhere. Online selling knows no bounds! 

What are the benefits? 
Click2k offers you the features and benefits you can find nowhere else and all in an affordable range. Here are some of the features we provide: 
  • Free custom domains 
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Business-oriented free themes 
  • Website/Store customizations 
  • In-built SEO and analytics 
  • Integrations
  • Detailed dashboard 
  • Payment gateways 
  • POS services 
You can see each of them in detail in the services page on our website to get a clear idea. 
It is always nice to have hassle-free ways to grow your business. Create your store with a single click and increase your sales rapidly. This is the right time to start your business online. For more information, check out support page on our website. Get started by signing up with Cick2k!